We’re Phasing Out Old Paper Tickets and the TriMet Tickets App

Apr 3, 2019

Out With the Old…

Hop Fastpass® is your new ticket to ride TriMet and that means some of our “legacy” fares are about ready for retirement.

Paper tickets and passes have served us well (for much of the last century!), but Hop gives you more ways to pay that are faster, more convenient and more affordable. Don’t worry… it’s easy to switch to Hop, and you can still pay with cash if you want. And if you prefer using your phone, Hop has you covered. Just remember: We’re looking to phase out paper tickets and mobile tickets by Dec. 31, 2019, so be sure to use or exchange yours soon.  

Fares No Longer Accepted After Dec. 31, 2019:

Foil-Stamped Paper Tickets and Passes

  • 2½-Hour Tickets
  • 1-Day Passes
  • 7-Day, 14-Day and 30-Day passes

Mobile Tickets from the TriMet Tickets App

  • 2½-Hour Tickets
  • 1-Day Passes
  • 7-Day, 14-Day and 30-Day passes

Exchange Your Old Tickets

You can exchange unvalidated, foil-stamped 2½-Hour Tickets and 1-Day Passes for a free Hop card loaded with equivalent value. We also accept unvalidated 2½-Hour, 1-Day, 7-Day, 14-Day and 30-Day mobile tickets purchased on the TriMet Tickets app.

Stop by the TriMet Ticket Office at Pioneer Courthouse Square 8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. weekdays, or send us your tickets by mail. Learn more about ticket exchanges.

Get on Board With Hop

New to Hop? Get all the details at myhopcard.com.

Note: Not all paper is going away — We’ll still accept paper ticket receipts printed on buses, LIFT Paratransit tickets and paper Hop tickets after December 31.

Misty Earisman

Misty Earisman

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