Reimagining Public Safety & Security on Transit: Recommendations and What Comes Next

Nov 20, 2020

We’re committed to a transit system that is safe, equitable and welcoming to all. 

After hearing from our community that you wanted us to do more to ensure racial equity and social justice on our system, we announced we were moving $1.8 million from police contracts and other funding to community-based public safety approaches.

We went to you — riders, community groups, local leaders, the general public, and our frontline workers and security staff — and listened. We wanted to know how we could reimagine safety on transit to ensure our system is safe, equitable and welcoming to all.

We formed a Transit Public Safety Advisory Committee made up of regional thought leaders, community representatives and national transit experts. Their recommendations, which were guided by what we heard from you, have resulted in three recommendations:

  1. Expanding training for TriMet employees in anti-racism, cultural competency, mental health and de-escalation.
  2. Increasing the presence of TriMet personnel to support riders on the transit system.
  3. Working with community and jurisdictional partners to develop a crisis intervention team model to address issues on the system that do not warrant a response by law enforcement.

The committee also made some long-range recommendations for us to consider, including:

  • Using technology, such as a smartphone app with real-time reporting functionality, to better support riders and employees.
  • Maintaining and updating system infrastructure with features like improved lighting to create more safe and welcoming environments.
  • Improving communication, accountability and reporting on safety and security initiatives.

Next, we’ll establish a permanent advisory committee that will help us refine and implement these recommendations. 

Thank you to all who’ve shared their thoughts and experiences with us thus far. You’re playing an essential role in a transit system that is safe, equitable and welcoming to all.

Want to know more about how these recommendations were developed? Visit our Reimagining Public Safety page.

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