Enforcing the Rules for Riding

Jun 24, 2024

It’s time to make transit cleaner, safer and more accessible. As part of TriMet’s commitment to delivering a great riding experience, we’re increasing the enforcement of our rules for riding.

We’ve been working to improve the customer experience through increased security efforts and cleaner vehicles, platforms and transit centers. To support those efforts, we will be doing more enforcement of our existing rules for riding beginning July 1.

This includes more fare checks, continued enforcement of no smoking of any substances on our transit system, and not allowing items on board that leak, block aisles, doors, or the priority seating areas.


Stepping up fare enforcement

To make transit safer, we will be increasing fare inspections on MAX. Please be ready to show proof of fare to our Customer Safety Supervisors when requested. Our Customer Safety Supervisors are now joined by nearly 300 contract security personnel to help educate riders and address inappropriate conduct on board to reduce misuse of the system.

People without valid fare will face fines of up to $250 or exclusion from the transit system. Those cited for not having proof of fare may have their penalty reduced (depending on their citation history) and avoid a court record by paying a reduced fine, performing community service or enrolling in a reduced fare program. Learn more about the citation process.

Paying your fare is quick and easy. You can tap your Hop card, payment-enabled phone or contactless credit/debit card to the green Hop reader at the MAX/WES station or inside the bus every time you board. You can also buy a 2½-Hour or 1-Day Ticket from the Hop ticket machines at MAX and WES stations, then tap the ticket on the green Hop reader before boarding. Learn more about the cost to ride and how to pay your fare.


A cleaner and more accessible riding experience

We work to provide transportation that is safe, clean, convenient, reliable, accessible and welcoming for all. Following the rules for riding ensures a better experience for everyone. That includes not being disruptive or playing loud music, not smoking on the system or bringing items that prevent others from being able to board or move through buses and trains safely.

What you can’t bring on board ❌

  • Large items and objects, including bags of cans and bottles that block doors and aisles, leak or smell.
  • Grocery-store sized shopping carts.
  • Open containers of food or beverages that may spill

What you can bring on board ✔️

  • Non-commercial, individual-sized grocery storage carts not exceeding 18″ deep x 18″ wide x 30″ high (not including wheels and handle)
  • Travel luggage that does not block seats, doors and aisles
  • Strollers when traveling with kids. You can board the bus with your child in the stroller, and your baby or toddler may remain in the stroller if there is space in the priority seating area. Read more about the rules for strollers on board.
  • Items that don’t block aisles, stairways or doorways

Please help us improve the experience of riding TriMet. If you see someone smoking, being disruptive or items that are blocking aisles and doors, please call or text our security team via our 24-hour security hotline at 503-238-7433 (RIDE). Or, contact TriMet security online.


Reduced fare resources

Need help with paying for your fare? If you have a disability, participate in an assistance program or your household income is less than double the federal poverty level, you qualify for an Honored Citizen Hop card with reduced fare. You’ll ride for $1.40 for 2½ hours or a maximum of $28/month.

If you’re a veteran, active-duty member of the military or reservist, you qualify to use our reduced Honored Citizen fare. You can also use our reduced fare based on age. People aged 65 and older automatically qualify for TriMet’s reduced Honored Citizen fare. Learn more about reduced fares.


The TriMet Code

Consistently enforcing our existing rules (also known as the “TriMet Code”) helps support a cleaner and more equitable riding experience for everyone. Read more about the TriMet Code.