9 Tips for Returning Riders

Mar 30, 2022

Many of us are returning to the office, nearly two years after we began working from home. For some, this is a time of excitement. For others, apprehension and maybe even disappointment. We’d bet most folks have a mix of these feelings. 

If you haven’t had to commute on transit since the start of 2020, you may be a little rusty on how everything works. Here are nine tips to make your return go smoothly.

 1. Our new website makes riding easier

Our brand new map-based website was designed for smartphones. It features updated Trip Tools, an interactive map with real-time vehicle locations, and much more.

Learn more about what’s changed.

2. Know when your ride will arrive

TransitTracker makes it easy to see where your ride is.

New TriMet website on a smartphone

3. Fare is just $2.80

Ride for 2½ hours for just $2.80, or $5.60 for unlimited rides all day. If you’re a youth or an honored citizen you can ride for $1.40, or $2.80 per day. With Hop, you can earn a month pass as you ride. Once you reach the cost of a month pass ($100 for adults), the rest of the rides that calendar month are free. Youth and Honored Citizens get unlimited rides after spending just $28 in a month.

4. You have options for how to pay

You can pay fare with:

  • A plastic Hop card 
  • A virtual Hop card on your smartphone
  • A contactless credit or debit card
  • With Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay on your smartphone
  • A paper ticket purchased at a ticket machine 
  • With cash (only on buses) 

Unlike with cash or paper tickets purchased at a ticket machine, riding with Hop ensures you’ll always pay the minimum fare. 

A Month Pass can only be earned by tapping with a Hop card, so riding with Hop is a great way for frequent riders to save money.

Learn more about all the ways to pay.

TriMet fares

5. Riding is simple: Just tap every time you board

Tap the green Hop reader at the entrance of a MAX or WES platform or inside the bus every time you board a vehicle. If you’re paying with cash on a bus, you can insert your payment when you board. 

See how it works.

6. Service alerts have you covered

Like with anything, stuff sometimes happens. We’ll make sure you have the info you need to adjust. Sign up to get service alerts for your lines via email or text. Or, use our service alerts page or our service alerts Twitter feed.

7. Pair transit with cycling

It’s easy to take your bike on buses or trains, or to leave your bike at a station. 

Here’s what you need to know.

TriMet service alerts icon

8. Know what’s changed with COVID

Masks are required on transit until at least May 3 (check trimet.org/health to see if the TSA extends the mandate). It’s best to bring your own mask, but if you forget, we have free masks on board our buses and trains. Many of our vehicles also have hand sanitizer dispensers, too. 

9. We’re here to help!

While we try our best, sometimes things do go wrong. Or maybe you just need help with a transfer or directions or anything else. Either way, we’re here to help.

Wear a mask on transit

Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can do anything to ease your return to transit. We’ll see you on board ❤️

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