We’ll be limiting how many people are allowed on buses starting the evening of April 2. No more than 10-15 riders can be on a bus at one time — 10 individuals, or up to 15 if people are riding together (such as couples or parents with children).

This is to make sure people have enough space to spread out and to prevent overcrowding. If a bus has 10-15 riders, it will not pick up new passengers until someone exits. We’ll try to adjust service if buses are consistently full, but you may still want to leave extra time for your trip.

We’ll also be adding signs to some bus seats that will ask riders not to sit in them. These signs will be arranged to give riders a safe amount of space from each other and the operator.

There are a lot of essential workers keeping our community going right now — make sure you leave them a seat so they can get to work. Please stay off transit unless you’re heading to or from an essential job, or you’re traveling to the grocery store or pharmacy.

We know all these recent changes haven’t been easy or convenient — we’ve been asking a lot from you. But these restrictions will help our community get through this, so we can get back to serving you normally as soon as possible. We’re as eager for that day as you are. Stay safe (and stay home!)